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Ten of the best - Book 4

  • Ten of the best - Book 4
  • Ten of the best - Book 4
  • Ten of the best - Book 4

Tips for confident hacking

There is nothing quite like enjoying the company of your horse in beautiful surroundings on a relaxing hack, with the sun on your back and a gentle breeze to cool you. Sadly, for many, this remains a dream. For some it’s fear that stops them, and for others an unsuitable horse. In many cases, these problems can be overcome with the right approach. It usually takes time, and therefore dedication, and often the right help. Some say that training for something like this takes patience, but to me, training is an infinite number of tiny improvements, and if you can see improvement, then patience isn’t even a consideration because you are getting the results you are looking for. The trick is to notice the improvements, and this involves breaking your ‘big goal’ (hacking out) into much smaller goals (for example, riding around a field, or leading your horse out for a hack). Each of these smaller goals can be broken down into smaller and still smaller goals, so that you are creating a path towards where you would like to be, or towards what you would like to be doing.

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