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Shakeaze Muzzle Guard

  • Shakeaze Muzzle Guard

Is your horse exhibiting the following behaviours?

Uncontrollable and repetitive head nodding either vertically or horizontally?
Repeatedly rubbing muzzle on fence posts and legs?

Head shaking is a severe and disheartening condition that seems to occur seasonally usually from spring until autumn. At its worst, it can render horses un-rideable due to the violence of the headshaking action. Even in its mild form it is an unpleasant condition for your horse to have and can be distressing for you to try and manage your headshaking horse.

However help is at hand with the Shakeaze.
The Shakeaze has been extensively researched and developed. The Shakeaze was designed to prevent wind from acting as a trigger on the horse’s muzzle and nostril. The Shakeaze’s unique design acts as a wind barrier and protects the muzzle from direct air flow. The research carried out around this suggests that the trigeminal nerve which provides the sensation to the face and muzzle becomes excessively sensitive in headshakers.

Users of the Shakeaze report a 100% improvement when compared to traditional nose nets. The guard has also received recognition at the British Veterinary Equine Congress 2016 and the 2017 Sports Horse Veterinary Congress in Amsterdam, and is currently being trialled in headshaking research at the famous UC Davis Veterinary teaching hospital in California.

The Shakeaze does not replace veterinary care. If you think your horse may be a headshaker, please contact your vet for a correct diagnosis. The Shakeaze does not promise to cure all headshaking. Headshaking is not a “curable” ailment it is a manageable one. The Shakeaze is an excellent tool in helping you to manage your horse’s headshaking. The Shakeaze is suitable for both riding in and wearing in the field. Please remember to use a fieldsafe headcollar if you are turning your horse out in the field wearing a headcollar.

The Shakeaze is permitted in affiliated competitions, but please check with your individual governing body for any clarification.

Length: 22.5cm
Width: 27cm

Length: 20cm
Width: 24.5cm

Taken from our blog: "I had used a nose net which was very effective up until autumn last year when my TB mares symptoms drastically deteriorated. I got the shakeze to supplement/replace the nose net and use it daily. I find very effective for the most part, as she does have one or two bouts occasionally, especially on bright sunny days. She does not seem to head shake in the field, only when ridden and in walk on trot, though I have not tested the faster paces as the shake can be quite violent and with half seat would be wary about ending up with a broken nose. She has also developed ear sensitivity, so i am trying ear covers when riding." - Sian Warburton




Shakeaze Muzzle Guard


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