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HayLo Horse Feeder

  • HayLo Horse Feeder
  • HayLo Horse Feeder
  • HayLo Horse Feeder
  • HayLo Horse Feeder

Do you want to encourage your horse to eat in a natural way?

Worried about musculoskeletal and dental problems caused by haynets?

Concerned over the waste of feed fed from the ground?

Unsure how to trickle feed your greedy pony?

Why not try the HayLo?

The HayLo has been designed to as closely as possible mimic that natural feeding habits of the horse. The horse has evolved to graze throughout the day with their head and neck stretched down to the ground. This allows their jaw to remain in a neutral position helping the teeth to correctly align.

The HayLo is recommended by a range of professionals, and will help your horse to live a happier and healthier life!

The HayLo provides a range of fantastic benefits for your horse and you:
• Extends the length of time forage lasts
• Slows down the rate of consumption
• Satisfies the natural foraging instinct
• Promotes correct jaw and postural alignment
• Eliminates all waste
• Saves time labour & money
• Acts as a boredom buster
• Can help with ulcers/colic/box-walking etc

Technical details:
The HayLo is suitable for feeding hay or haylage, inside or out, for soaking and draining.
• Fixing points to secure to stable wall/fence post.
• Watertight bung for soaking & draining.
• Interchangeable feeding discs of 90mm & 70mm hole sizes
• Horse proof locking ring to prevent feeding grill coming out
• Holds 8.5 kg Hay/10-12Kg haylage

Each feeder comes with:
• 70mm & 90 mm size hole feeding discs
• Straps & Wall plates for securing to wall/post
• Allen key to interchange feeding discs
• Instruction leaflet

Note: Free delivery in the UK, however a delivery surcharge of £10 to N.Ireland, Rep of Ireland, Islands & Scottish Highlands


HayLo Feeder


HayLo Horse Feeder


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