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Dually Head Collar

  • Dually Head Collar
  • Dually Head Collar
  • Dually Head Collar
  • Dually Head Collar
• Are you fed up of being pulled around by your horse?
• Do you dislike being out of control?
• Do you have problems loading your horse?
• Struggling to lead your horse safely, to and from the field?
• Is your time with your horse a source of stress rather than pleasure?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need the Dually halter. This essential piece of training equipment was designed by Monty Roberts and eliminates the “battle of strength” that takes place with many horses. The Dually halter provides you with a non-violent, yet effective training halter, that will help you to revolutionise your relationship with your horse.

The Dually halter has been uniquely designed to encourage your horse to work in partnership with you.

“The pressure is only applied when the horse backs away from you or moves out of the ‘comfort zone’ (this being within a respectable distance from you). As soon as they move back, away, or stop - the pressure is immediately applied and their instinctive reaction is to move out of the pressure zone and come back towards you. “When they do this they are instantly rewarded as the pressure releases straight away.” Kelly Marks of Intelligent Horsemanship.

"Dos and Don’ts for your Dually Halter."

  • Do use it instead of a headcollar, bridle, lunge cavesson, or chifney.
    • Do use it for leading, loading, long lining or riding.
    • Do leave it on while travelling, but only fasten the leadrope to the standard ring, not the training ring.
    • Do use it to build a partnership with your horse based on respect not fear.
    • Don’t leave it on in the field, only fieldsafe headcollars should be left on in the field.
    • Don’t leave it on in the stable, only fieldsafe headcollars should be left on in the stable.
    • Don’t leave your horse tied up by the training ring, as the training part could tighten across the horse’s nose.
    • Don’t use it as a substitute for training, but rather as a tool to help you with your horse.

If you are struggling with handling your horse, why not take a look at our range of e-books to help you improve your relationship with your horse.

Important note: The Dually comes with a DVD that teaches you how to use the Dually correctly. It is strongly advised that you watch this before using the product for the first time.

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