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Privacy Policy

We take the security of your personal information very seriously

This notice describes the privacy policy of The Horse Physio.  By visiting The Horse Physio website, or becoming a client, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

Controllers of Personal Information

Any personal information provided to or gathered by is controlled primarily by The Horse Physio. 8 Kingcup Road, Stafford, Staffordshire. ST17 9JQ.

Notices and Revisions

If you have any concern about privacy at The Horse Physio, please e-mail us a thorough description and we will try to resolve the issue for you. Our business changes constantly and our Privacy Notice and the Terms & Conditions will change also. You should check our website frequently to see recent changes.

What Personal Information about you does The Horse Physio gather?

As a Client:
We collect personal contact information of you, your vet, your horse, relevant medical information of your horse, and if you feel it is important yourself, along with an emergency contact and horse insurance details where required.

As a consumer visiting our website:
We use the information you provide us to personalise and continually improve your experience with The Horse Physio. This means that we try to personalise communications, and to ensure that you land on relevant pages of our website without the need for additional navigation.

We use the information to communicate with you about offers, products and services, update our records and generally maintain your accounts with us.

If you are a member of our internal staff, or are an external consultant, we may process sufficient data that we can fulfil our contract with you (ie pay you on time).

Privacy Policy

Here are the types of information we gather.

Information You Give Us:

We receive and store any information you enter on our website or give us in any other way. You can choose not to provide certain information but then you might not be able to take advantage of many of our features.

As a client, we only asked for information that will allow us to work with you and your horse to the best of our ability, safely. Withholding information that compromises the safety of our staff may result in our deciding not to work with you, and terminating any current work.

We use the information that you provide for such purposes as responding to your requests, customising future offers for you, improving our Site and communicating with you.

Automatic Information:

We receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with us. For example, like many websites, we use “cookies” and we obtain certain types of information when your Web browser accesses A number of companies offer utilities designed to help you visit websites anonymously. Although we will not be able to provide you with a personalised experience if we cannot recognise you, we want you to be aware that these tools exist.

E-mail Communications:

Our primary means of communication with you is through email or by phone. By becoming a client of The Horse Physio, we assume that you are happy for us to contact you in order to inform you about the services you have available to you through The Horse Physio.

In GDPR terminology, this constitutes “Legitimate Interest”.

Persons who are not clients of The Horse Physio must “opt in” by some explicit method before we will communicate with them by email (or other means). By opting in, they are agreeing that we may inform them about the services that we provide, all of which are intended to assist them in helping their horse.

To help us make e-mails more useful and interesting, we often receive a confirmation when you open e-mails from us if your computer supports such capabilities.

If you do not want to receive e-mail or other mail from us, you will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe.

Privacy Policy

The right to be forgotten - Important Notice

Within the requirements of GDPR, there is a clause relating to the right to be forgotten. 

This means you can request in writing to have all of your information held by The Horse Physio destroyed. However, under law, as a client of The Horse Physio, we have to keep your records securely for a minimum of 7 years after we have finished working with you. After that time we will destroy information if you have requested it. Our governing body is ACPAT (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy) which is a group within the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapist), and as such are governed strictly by the Data Protection Act 1998 and the governance of medical recording keeping.

Privacy Policy

What about Cookies?

Cookies are most often small text files that websites may put on your computer whilst you are browsing

Cookies are used for many different purposes. For example, they can:

• help search engines remember that you want your search results in English;
• help a website remember your preferences so that you don’t need to customise it every time;
• help our website to deliver a better service by showing you the content most relevant to you;
• identify and resolve errors so that the site is improved for everybody;
• analyse how well a website is performing.

The most common function of cookies is to remember bits of information that help make browsing the web easier and more hassle-free for you.

Here is an example of a cookie:
• Name: SomeCookie
• Value: 1234a5b678c9
• Domain:
• Expires: 13th September 2015

The cookie explained:
• Name = The name of the cookie
• Value = The piece of information that the cookie is created to store
• Domain = The website where the cookie is used
• Expires = The date when the cookie will be deleted from your web browser

All modern browsers have tools to help you delete or block cookies. But it’s important to remember that many websites need cookies in order to function properly. By deleting or blocking cookies, you could also block certain personalised features and you may not be able to take full advantage of some of the website’s features.

Privacy Policy

Sharing your information

Does The Horse Physio share the Information it receives?

In general, no. Information about our clients is an important part of our business and we will never share your details with others without your express permission. We do share the bare minimum of your data to the extent that it is necessary for us to manage your horse’s treatment or process your payments. This may mean that your data is saved on servers outside the EU.