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Brain, pain, or training

What's holding you back? Is it brain, pain, or training? How can you find out? And what can you do about it?
Would you like to make more of the time you have with your horse? Improve your dressage scores? Get more double clears? Find it easier to go clear cross country within the time? Feel safer out hacking? 

Sue has developed the unique and powerful methodology of 'Brain, Pain or Training?' (BPT) to help you to improve your horse's behaviour or performance, and believes that widespread use of this methodology will lead to increased enjoyment for both horse and rider, and ultimately improved welfare of horses and ponies throughout the world.
There has been tremendous support for this project, including from four time Olympian Richard Davison, who has written the foreword for the book 'Understanding Horse performance: Brain, Pain or Training?'. 27 eminent equestrians, all at the top of their sport or therapy, contributed to the book, and nine clients of The Horse Physio agreed to share their stories as case studies to demonstrate how the use of 'Brain, Pain or Training?' has improved their relationship with their horse. 

There are three key messages within BPT


The first is that brain, pain or training issues affect us all, whether that is to stop your horse from rearing and bucking, or whether it's to improve his canter pirouettes or piaffe.


The second is that you can determine whether reduced performance or bad behaviour is due to brain, pain or training.


The third is that you can help your horse to reach his potential. Think of it as a roadmap, where Sue is helping you to find the 'You are here' point.

Getting started with BPT

You can help your horse to unlock his potential through determining whether the primary cause of reduced performance or bad behaviour is brain, pain or training (often the overall course is a combination of two or three of these). This is done through following the methodology that Sue has developed.
"You are your horse's 'best expert'."
Sue Palmer
The Horse Physio

50 Questions

BPT involves working through a checklist of 50 questions that flag up potential pain issues...
Available free here

Practical Exercises

then a set of 10 practical exercises, also designed to flag up potential pain issues...
Two Bonus exercises here

Three Checklists

then a set of three checklists which you can work through to determine whether your starting point is brain, pain or training.

Sue says 
"You are your horse's best expert"
Once you have determined your starting point, you can help your horse to reach his potential.

You are the central character in your horse's care, and it is up to you to develop your knowledge and build a trusted team around him. 

On this website you will find a list of relevant organisations that might help with this. There are many options for developing your learning, and in 'Understanding Horse Performance: Brain, Pain or Training?' I have discussed seven secrets to resolving brain issues, pain issues, and training issues. 

These are things you can start on straight away with your own horse, alongside whatever other support you choose to make use of.

Get your copy of ‘Understanding Horse Performance: Brain, Pain or Training’ today from  the  Intelligent Horsemanship Association