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100 Handy Hints on Horsemanship: One

Never be afraid to ask questions of the people you’ve chosen to work with you and your horse. There is no such thing as a stupid question, and if a professional isn’t willing or able to answer, then maybe they’re not the right person to be working with you.

‘100 Horse Hints on Horsemanship’ by Sue Palmer, with artwork by Sarah Brown

Picture from '100 Handy Hints on Horsemanship'

Enjoy and appreciate your horse for all that he gives to you.

One day soon I’ll put these hints together as a book. It’ll make a great kids colouring book, an ideal stocking filler, or the perfect present for that horse crazed niece! So that I can let you know when this happens, keep in touch at (and get some free bonus content while you wait!).

In the meantime, there’s ‘Horse Massage for Horse Owners’ and ‘Brain, Pain, or Training?’ (affiliate links), and ‘Harmonious Horsemanship’ is on it’s way!

Sue Palmer and Sarah Brown

Sue Palmer and Sarah Brown