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10.12.2021 How To Fix Fear Of The Farrier

How To… Fix Fear Of The Farrier… In 10 Easy Steps


Farriery or trimming is essential for the well being of our horses. Therefore, if it is something that our horse struggles with, it is our responsibility to help him overcome the issue. That might be with a behavioural approach, a pain management approach, or simply a management approach such as sedation when necessary.

In order to help our horse, we first need to figure out what the problem is. Is his resistance down to brain, pain, or training? Only then can we work out how best to help him.

Having a farrier who is on board with whichever approach you choose is essential. It’s all too easy for one bad experience to escalate into a lifetime of difficulty. As in all aspects of horsemanship, the team that you pick to support you and your horse is there to help you and to work with you. Finding a farrier you can talk to about your concerns, and who will explain what he’s doing and why (or at least what he’d like to be able to do) will improve your confidence in the process, and this confidence will in turn rub off on your horse.

Ultimately, looking after our horse’s feet is an essential part of his health care. There are many roads leading to Rome, and many approaches to problems with trimming or shoeing. There is a way to overcome almost all of them, once we know which questions to ask, and who can give us the support we need.

If you have a horse who struggles with the farrier, or with the trimmer, I wish you the best of luck on your journey to help him overcome his difficulties. The end goal is worth the struggle.

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