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10.2.2022 How To… Care For The Older Horse… In 10 Easy Steps: Conclusion


Whether he’s lived his life with you, or has had multiple owners before he came into your life, your older horse has done his duty, served his time. It’s only right that you continue to do your best by him as he ages. We cannot stop the ageing process, and it is inevitable that his strength and flexibility will degenerate over time. Ageing is a natural process, but there is plenty that we can do to make it easier for our horses.

Caring for your older horse is different, and at times it can be hard. The body is less able to handle stress and infection. Movement can become more difficult, and his attitude can change. Your horse might start to seem ‘old’ at 15, or at 25, or at 35. Each horse is an individual, and your horse is in the lucky position of having you care for him as such. Listen to what your horse is telling you, and enjoy the mellowing that comes (in most cases!) with age. There is much fun still to be had, when you work out how to adjust to the changing situation and appreciate your friend both for the joy that he has given in the past, and for the pleasure that he continues to give.

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February 10, 2022
Sue Palmer