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What is the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy?

I heard recently that “If you do meaningful work you enjoy, with people you love, then truly you have won the lottery.” I feel very lucky to do meaningful work that I enjoy, with people and horses I love. The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy has played a large part in enabling me to do that work.

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy, ACPAT, is a Professional Network Group of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and represents the interests of Chartered Physiotherapists working in Animal Therapy. Information taken from the ACPAT website,, states that:

There are over 400 members. ACPAT support both student and qualified members throughout the UK, with international members benefitting from their membership as far as New Zealand & Australia.

The ACPAT is over 35 years old. Established in 1985, one of the founding members, Mary Bromiley, paved the way for Animal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation in the UK.

There is a 98% success rate from the Masters programme. ACPAT’s student success rate grows further with many of their members involved in post graduate research up to PhD level, teaching physiotherapy students and delivering high quality training to other para-veterinary professionals.

People often ask how I qualified to treat horses. My personal story is that I gained my BSc in Physiotherapy from Kings College London in 2005. I worked in the NHS for two years. During that time, I qualified as a Sports Massage therapist, and as an Equine Bodyworker through Equinology. I then studied for a further two years at the Royal Veterinary College to gain my MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy. I am also a qualified BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship (BHSAI), Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer (behaviourist), and have done courses in Reiki, Equine Touch, Craniosacral Therapy, and much more.

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