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My values, purpose, mission, and goals

In beyond entrepreneurship 2.0, Jim Collins talks about the BHAG – that big, hairy, audacious goal. He reckons that all organisations, companies, and individuals running a business should have a BHAG. It’s his alternative phrase for a mission.

In this excellent and inspiring book, he also talks about articulating your values, vision, and mission, and developing goals, strategies, and tactics. This is a work in progress for me, but I wanted to share with you where I am right now. Writing them down and sharing them with you makes them more real, and makes me more accountable.

My values are connection, curiosity, and connection. More on those in another blog.

My purpose is to make the world a happier place for horses and their handlers.

My mission is to inspire compassion, through sharing knowledge, experience, and understanding. By 2035, every horse person will recognise that there are links between pain, behaviour, and performance.

By 2035:

All horses are treated with respect.

Horses are recognised as individuals with different levels of pain tolerance.

Behaviour is recognised by all equestrians as a means of communication.

Poor performance from a horse is investigated to find the root cause, and treated appropriately.

‘Brain, pain, or training?’ is a question all horse people ask themselves when they come across a problem.

Punitive training methods are a thing of the past.

My goals are a work in progress, but include:

Treating horses

Educating owners

Being active on social media

Writing books, magazines, and online

Presenting to equestrian clubs and organisations

Developing courses to be taught online and in person

Developing and strengthening networks and relationships with other professionals, to encourage the sharing of knowledge, experience, and understanding around the concept of brain, pain or training

Yep, I’m going to be busy over the next few years!!!

What changes would you like to see happen in the world of horses?

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