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10.6.2022 Body Condition Scoring For All Body Types

“Body condition scoring is one of the most important and useful skills an owner can have when it comes to monitoring the health and welfare of their horses. And while the way we ‘condition score’ horses is uniform no matter their breed, certain breed traits should always be considered when deciding on the score.

Unless you take breed or type into account when you assess the body condition of some horses, their breed-specific traits can deceive the eye and lead you to rate them higher than you should.

Here I am referring to the naturally crested necks of Iberian horses, to the apple bottoms of Gypsy Cobs, and the well-sprung ribs and short coupled bodies of native pony breeds.

This article contains the practical and relevant information you need to accurately create a body condition score for your horse – whatever the type.”

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June 10, 2022
Sue Palmer