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10.7.2022 When You’re Feeling The Pressure

I love writing. It’s something I’ll do when I’ve got time on my hands, just for the fun of it. Wait… what does that mean, having time on my hands?!

At this point, I’m feeling the pressure. I’m so delighted to be writing my next book, on recognising pain in the ridden horse, and in particular to be co-authoring it with Dr Sue Dyson. The vast majority of the basics is written now, but for some reason I’m really finding it tough to push myself to focus on keeping going. This is very unusual for me. I found it easy focusing through an entire B.Sc. degree with the Open University, and for 3 years of that I was also at Kings College London full-time studying a B.Sc. in Physiotherapy, and also doing a diploma in Sports Massage. Putting my head down and getting on with it is part of whom I’ve been for as long as I can remember. So, why am I finding it so hard right now?

Having said that, I am lucky enough to have the discipline to make myself keep going, at least to some degree. So, that’s enough time distracting myself with writing a blog, I need to get back to the book.

But meanwhile, if you were choosing whether to buy a book on recognising pain in the ridden horse, is there anything in particular that you would like to see in that book? We have case studies, guest contributions, snippets of science, pictures, descriptions, and explanations. What would you be looking for? What would make you recommend the book to your best friend?

Thanks in advance,