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11.5.2022 Time For Yourself

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” Bil Keane

Time for yourself equals time for others

If you have a good work life balance, or a good balance between time for yourself and serving others, then you are the exception rather than the rule. Listening this morning to Jay Shetty on daily calm, I had one of those eye-opening moments.

Jay was talking about his time as a monk, when he would spend his mornings working on personal growth, and his afternoons in the service of others. He explained that in the times when he was working on personal growth, in many ways he was working in the service of others, because he was growing into the person who was able to serve. And when he was serving others, he was achieving personal growth, through what he learned along the way.

This is revolutionary to me. One of those things that it feels as though I have always known, but now it’s been put into words in a way that makes sense. Or perhaps it’s come at the right time.

I haven’t yet figured out how I’m going to apply it to my daily life, but I wanted to share it while it’s fresh in my mind, in case it’s helpful to you.

What do you class as personal growth, that’s good also be thought of as serving others?

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