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11.9.2021 Decisions, decisions

Decision fatigue. It’s a phrase I heard about only a year or two ago. Or maybe I heard about it long ago, but it only registered with me a year or two ago. That’s one of the things about decision fatigue, it tires your brain out. So, you can’t remember what you can’t remember!

I’ve been looking into private health insurance. I’m undecided whether it’s the right way to go, but there’s just so much to think about. Every so often I spend so long thinking about something that can’t really remember why I started.

The way my brain works, I seem to keep thinking round and round and over and over a problem, until eventually a solution comes to me, or something more important takes over, and I forget the problem, or it disappears. Sometimes, I chat the problem through with the people I meet. Often I read and read and read. That might be the Internet, books, or podcasts. I’m including ‘listening‘ under ‘reading’ because actually, I listen to audiobooks more than I read physical books these days. It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading, it’s just that I spend so much time in the car, and audiobooks and podcasts are a wonderful way of passing the time.

What do you do when you’ve got a problem that you’re struggling to find a solution to? What’s your top tip? And while you’re here, do you have any experiences of private health insurance or private healthcare in the UK that you’d like to share?!

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