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How To Be Happier, Chapter 6


“A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops.” Henry Adams

When I say ‘connection’, I’m talking about connection on many different levels. There’s the connection between friends and family that’s familiar to many of us. But how about other ‘connections’? Your connection to your animals, or to your home, or to your hometown? Do you feel connected to others in your street, or to your local community, or to a group or club, an organisation or an association? Do you connect with others through the written word, the spoken word, with acts of kindness, or in another way?

Our connection with the world around us is something else altogether. We are all created from energy. We each see the world through our own individual lens. Our unique life experiences lead us to experience the here and now in our own way.

Meditation has led to me thinking of my connection with the world on another level. Sometimes it’s almost as though I can feel my physical body melting into my surroundings. OK, I know that sounds weird! But if nothing else, I’m honest! And honestly, it’s actually a really good feeling. Almost as though I can connect with others, throughout the world, on some extremely deep level.

We evolved to be a social creature. To be isolated literally means to be at risk of death, if we’re talking on an evolutionary level. We can be alone, and yet still connected, especially with the joys of technology. But to be lonely is a different thing altogether. Loneliness almost always comes with a feeling of disconnect. Finding a way to reconnect is often the first step to finding your way out of the loneliness.

Who could you reconnect with? Who needs you in their life today? Who do you need in your life? Who can you turn to, and who would like to know that they can turn to you? Who can you rely on, and who can rely on you? How can you reach out to that person, or those people?

I’m not pretending it’s easy, and I’m sending you love and the strength to do what’s right.  So when you make that leap, drop me a message to let me know. I’m confident that your happiness will increase, and so will that of others who love you, when you deepen the connections around you.

© Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio, 2021

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