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14.9.2021 Quarter To Forever

“It was a mild and lively evening at the end of May

I had run out for one quick coffee at the corner cafe

I must have looked a little tense and over-worked, I guess

‘Cause this old man leaned in and said:

“My darling, what’s the stress?

Come sit, come have a moment’s rest

Your work is nothing worth unless

Your mind is calm and clear and at its best”


And he went on:

“To everyone who’s running faster every day, ” he said

“To everyone who’s not found peace and indepence yet and

To everyone who thinks that life is where they’re headed to

Who thinks a better day awaits as soon as they get through

These busy years of things to do

This wall of greedy cynics who

Persuade them to give up their dreams too soon

Take your time

It’s a quarter to forever now

Take your time

It’s a quarter to forever now


To everyone who thinks that love was just a dream they had

Who thinks tomorrow and the future has nothing new to add and

To everyone who’s watched their hopes run out and slam the door

And everyone who still don’t know what they are looking for or

Found it and dropped it on the floor

Whose hands and arms have gotten sore

From holding on too tight to what once was

Take your time

It’s a quarter to forever now

Take your time

It’s a quarter to forever now”

A Quarter To Forever, by Tina Dickow

This song means a lot to me, and the words resonate. So when I was looking for a quote to share around slowing down and taking time, I didn’t need to look far. These thoughts have been prompted by the devastating loss of yet another pony in the New Forest. Owned and bred by Sarah Weston, Juma was just 4 years old. He was hit by a car. Below is what Sarah posted on Facebook to share the news, in the hope of raising awareness of the dangers that ponies in the Forest face from traffic.

“I am utterly defeated. Just before midnight I had to drag my New Forest mare, Nelly, away from the dead body of her beautiful four year old son, Juma who had just been killed by a BMW SUV. I had to hope that her friends and his guardians would all come home with her and not be killed as they stood vigil over his body. She cried out for him every step of the way while I just cried my eyes out. These ponies had kept their boy safe for every moment of his life, sandwiching him between themselves when they crossed the roads when he was a baby; he was born middle-aged and never ran about stupidly even when he was very young. But now it is all over for him. Fortunately he died very quickly, before the police and the agister came but he suffered two broken legs and no doubt internal injuries. I will have to arrange for his body to be taken away. PLEASE don’t speculate about the manner of the driver’s driving … I cannot begin to tell you what it is like to find messages from the agister on your phone at the ‘wrong’ time of night and know that it can only be bad news; to imagine which of your ponies it will be. I have worked out that between them my ponies have had seventy-seven natural years on the Forest and poor Juma is the first one to be killed by a car. RIP my beautiful Juma 6.6.17 to 7.8.21 at 9.30 p.m. You gave me joy every day.” Sarah Weston

© Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio, 2021

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