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Stress, sleep and weight loss

A guest blog from weight loss consultant Lorraine Harris, @simplicityhealthandweightloss

High levels of stress can disrupt our sleep patterns. This can lead to cravings for high energy foods, those which are high sugar / fat / carbohydrate.  This becomes a vicious cycle. When stress levels are high, we are more likely to eat emotionally and be dictated to by our cravings.  We are also less likely to engage in healthier habits such as drinking lots of water. We are more likely to skip meals, then reach for accessible fast food, and increase our alcohol intake.  If you then consider that if we’re busy and stressed, we are less likely to have the time or the inclination to engage in exercise, then it’s not surprising to see how stress can cause weight gain, or at least prevent weight loss.

There are many techniques to help lower stress. These can include mindfulness, meditation, visualisation, breathing techniques, body scanning, yoga and many more.  Often the trick is to be able to recognise when you are in that stressful situation, or if you know there’s a stressful period coming up, to prepare for it.  Trying some of the relaxation techniques, and having healthy, high energy, high protein snacks readily available can help you to manage this.

In some scenario’s, if anxiety is ongoing, it may be that you need to consider some form of counselling which may help you manage this further.

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