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18.1.2022: Jan and Rebel

A Guest Blog By Jan Daley

My lung function took another plunge. 28% function compared to my healthy equivalent. We were now getting into scary territory. I found that instead of 30 mins to groom, harness and put to, it was taking me nearly an hour. I was having to spend a day or 2 in bed nearly every month just to rest up to prevent me getting run down, and therefore ill. Leading to even worse lung function.

There was no warning when I was going to just run out of steam, and have to retire like the swooning heroine of a romantic novel. Well. Covered in animal hair and dung, so maybe not quite. But you get the picture.

I had been unable to commit to any organised event for a couple of years, but I – and The (Long-suffering, ever-patient) Husband – were having to adjust our lifestyle to an even lower gear.

Although the pony and goat were ostensibly “mine” to feed, care for, exercise, etc, especially in winter when it became apparent that I was becoming less able, Joe has had to step up. He now fills the hay nets for me, and I use the exercise carrying them into the paddock (maybe a whole 20 yards!) as my workout regime. Who needs a gym?! Walking around the paddock and garden (all on a steep hillside) doing “poo-patrol” ensures a degree of fitness and sense of achievement and contribution to our family’s welfare that a leisure centre just couldn’t compete with.

Rule 14: There is always a silver lining!

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January 18, 2022
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