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18.5.2022: Jan and Rebel

A Guest Blog By Jan Daley

January 2020 saw Rebel and his goat companion Snowy (The Boys) going to live with Pony Borstal Lady (PBL) for a couple of months for re-schooling since I wasn’t physically or emotionally fit enough to do the groundwork. My confidence was at an all-time low, and only the thought of letting Rebel down was enticing me to continue this journey.

PBL checked his harness, changed his bit from mullen to arched, long reined, had him pulling the tyre. He was a bit nervous, but soon settled. The change of bit had a positive impact. He went back into the exercise cart with no fuss. Certainly he was nervous as the last time he was in it he’d taken off at a gallop, but with PBL  and The Husband at his head, and a very nervous me on board, we broke our duck!

The Boys came home, and the next day, PBL came to make sure that we were going to work ok together. Going down our steep driveway caused considerable upset for Rebel, so we decided that in future I would walk him down, The Husband would bring the cart, and help me put to in the car park.

Our first short drive at home went well, and PBL was happy to release Rebel and I into the safe custody of The Husband!

The very next day, the first Covid 19 pandemic lockdown was enforced, and as a “clinically vulnerable person” I was advised to shield for 12 weeks.

Rule 19: When in doubt, go back to basics.

May 18, 2022
Sue Palmer