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18.8.2022: Jan and Rebel

A Guest Blog By Jan Daley

July 2021 came upon us with record high temperatures, bright sunshine and blue skies. So much so that I had to remain indoors, and Rebel was just turned away for over 3 weeks. We were out once, and although we started early, it wasn’t particularly enjoyable for either of us.

For the past 9 months or so, I have been concerned about Rebel’s gait and muscle tone. He is of course extremely fit, but has not seemed comfortable in himself. I finally acted on my gut instinct and booked him a physiotherapy session, with a lovely girl (RAMP registered!) who just achieved her Masters in Vet Physio. She treated him with laser, then massage and stretches, gave me exercises and stretches to continue with.

Oh, the difference at his second appointment! His muscles were pliable instead of rock hard, he was so much more flexible, and it seemed what, I thought, were fat pads at his shoulders are actually oedema, fluid leaking from over-tight muscles, which should now be reabsorbed. He was so much happier at his second appointment 3 weeks after the first, and the physio was delighted to see him offering to trot on his walk-up/trot-up this time, where he had been difficult to persuade to trot at his first appointment.

And of course, the physio, Laura, was very impressed with our Drive500 success, and Rebel’s general level of fitness – she’d “never seen a fitter Shetland!”. I’m kicking myself I didn’t act on my intuition sooner – but then I wouldn’t have found Laura, and I’m very, very happy with her!

Rule 25: Never ever ignore your intuition; it’s there for a reason …

August 18, 2022
Sue Palmer