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Webinar with Dr Veronica Fowler

Have you come across the Facebook page ‘Dr Fowler’s BadScience:MadScience’? Dr Veronica Fowler breaks down the most talked about equine topics and provides a unique insight into why sometimes conclusions are much less conclusive than we might think. And now there’s an opportunity to listen to her in person!

Dr Fowler is giving a webinar for Intelligent Horsemanship on 24th March at 9pm. It’s free for members of the Intelligent Horsemanship Association, and £7.50 for non-members. Register through the shop at

Here’s a sample of a post from the BadScience:MadScience Facebook page:

“Could your bit be responsible for your horses behaviour?

A study by Cook and Kibler in 2018, showed a remarkable reduction in a wide range (37!) of unwanted behaviours when the bit was removed. This included behaviours such as lack of control, lack of steering, difficult to mount and lack of standing still. These are behaviours which are commonly addressed by increasing bit intervention.

Now, I am not saying all horses should be ridden bitless. Indeed there are some bitless options which are far worse than a basic link bit. But when understanding why unwanted behaviours are occurring we should have the bit in the top three of factors to investigate.

I am particularly interested in the correlation between rearing and certain bits. If you have a horse which rears when ridden, could you please PM me with the bit and bridle set up you use on your horse please.”

I’ve included a link to the abstract from the original study below. Certainly food for thought!

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