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One Sixth Saddles

Today’s guest blog is by Val Evans from One Sixth Saddles

Toys… everyone played with them as kids, everyone had a favourite toy. When I saw my favourite Marx toy horse – some 40 years after I last played with him – it brought back so many memories! I was blown away by the amazingly realistic paint job a talented artist in Mexico had created with it. I searched a bit further and found his own, stunningly realistic, resin models and was hooked!

Nostalgia has a lot to answer for. I began collecting those 1/6 scale resins, then decided to have a go at making tack for them. That’s how it started for me.  I’ve learned a lot over the last few years and still have lots to learn.  There is a huge market for the Breyer scale horse models and tack in various sizes, 1/9 and 1/12 scales, but not so much in my Marx horse at 1/6 scale, its a bit more niche.  

But delving a bit further into the world of the 1/6 scale collector is fascinating. This scale seems to be mostly directed at the ‘big boys toys’ market. There are many, mass produced, figures out there, good and bad! A lot are tied into the blockbuster movie collectables market. But the best artists working out there create bespoke, one off collectibles, usually commissioned by other collectors wanting specific, high quality figures and accessories.

This is the part of the hobby I love. I make – and collect – bespoke, one off or small run figures and accessories.  This hobby is in turn, amazing, frustrating, impossible, satisfying and lovely to be involved in, and has kept me fairly sane during challenging times! 

With thanks to artist Luis Aguilar of Nohuanda Equine Art for my original inspiration and his wonderful resins!

Find Val at, on Facebook at @onesixthsaddles, and on Instagram at @onesixthsaddlesuk

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