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23.11.2022 Clan of the Horses – Podcast

“We’ve been conditioned that many behaviours exhibited by the ridden horse are normal, when they are in fact often a reflection of underlying musculoskeletal pain. And if we resolve the pain, the behaviours will disappear, says veterinarian and Equine Orthopeadic Specialist Sue Dyson.” Clan of the Horses

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Dr Dyson and I have finished our manuscript for our book on recognising pain in ridden horses. We’re looking at the different options for publishing, and I’m spending my time in the car listening to podcasts from the Alliance of Independent Authors. It’s a whole new world to learn about, and I love it!

Our next job is to choose a title. We’re currently considering:

  1. Harmonious Horsemanship: Use of the Ridden Horse Ethogram to Optimise Potential, Partnership and Performance
  2. Recognising Pain in Ridden Horses: The Performance Checklist
  3. Recognising Pain in Ridden Horse: Performance, Partnership and Potential

What’s your vote? Drop a comment below with your thoughts, and help us out 🙂

Also we need to think about cover design. The advice there is to look through the books in our genre that are available, and pick a selection of the covers that we like best. We can create a document with these covers on it, and send that to the cover designer, so that he knows what kind of thing we’re looking for. We’ve got a picture in mind for the front cover, but there’s a lot of work goes into the designing. It’s true, of course, that people DO judge a book by it’s cover!

In the meantime, Sue Dyson continues to lecture across the world and over the internet, and I hope you enjoy this recent podcast from Clan of the Horses.

Listen here:

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November 23, 2022
Sue Palmer