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24.3.2022 A Horse Is For Life

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” Tia Walker

I can’t say it any better than this beautifully written post that was shared on Facebook a couple of days ago by Natalie McGoldrick, South Coast Equine Vets. A horse is for life.

I know the reality isn’t always that simple. I fully recognise that life situations mean that we cannot always keep the horse that we had vowed to love and cherish for ever. I was going to say that it’s a bit like the fact that the marriage to the husband or wife we’d vowed to love and cherish for ever doesn’t always work out. But it’s not, is it? The husband or wife has a say (most of the time!) in the situation. They are at least able to fend for themselves (most of the time), and are not entirely reliant on others to take care of them. But if you give up on caring for your old horse, and simply assume that someone else will do the caring for you as he ages, then you have let him down. As Natalie says, there are some cases where you can find the perfect retirement home for your old horse. But you must be diligent in ensuring that’s the case, and be confident that he’s not just going to be passed on, and that he’s not going to suffer.

I worked on a dealing yard for several years. I’ve seen where too many horses end up. We went to the markets, and the horse fairs, and sold to the knacker man. I vowed at that time that I would never sell another horse again, unless I had absolutely no choice (and I fully respect that there are situations in which some people have no choice).

Take a read of Natalie’s post, and maybe share this blog, or the original post, to help raise awareness of the plight of far too many older horses.

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