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Guest Blog: Amy MacKinnon

Guest guest blog from @amymackinnonequestrian

Quiet, peaceful mornings

I absolutely adore my quiet, peaceful mornings caring for my horses. The earlier the better! The horses low whinnies and the robin’s song are a welcome greeting. Turning out in the half light , the sounds accompanying me are birdsong and I notice the feline population of the farm awakening. I admire the sunrise and breathe in the crisp air. There really is nothing like it. I’m thankful for this special time to connect with the non- human world. Mucking out gives me welcome headspace, a time to think. As I leave the horses contentedly grazing and munching their hay, I’m energised, ready to face the day.

As horse owners I think we are so honoured to have this connection with the outdoors. Take time to notice and appreciate it.

I cherish my quiet mornings, the peaceful hours, hard work, crisp mornings that so few experience. Just my horses and me.

Written by Amy MacKinnon

© Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio, 2021

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