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Introducing the new IHRT, Mel Nagele

Mel says:

“… The benefits of the Intelligent Horsemanship training methods continued with a horse I purchased as a ‘weanling’, Spaghetti. IHRT Sandra Williams helped me with ‘groundwork’, ‘horse agility’ and with ‘backing’. After 20 years of not eventing, Spaghetti has completely inspired me to get back to eventing and in 2020 we completed a half season of BE90. The feeling of going cross country on a horse I have had since a weanling is amazing. The relationship and trust I have with him inspires me for the future and for helping others feel the same.

As well as Spaghetti, I have Ted, who is 14 years old with whom I love to show-jump. We spent a year getting to know each other and competed in some 1.10m classes and were hoping to progress before ‘lockdown no 1’. He is the first horse I have owned who I have not ‘brought on’ myself. This has taught me a lot about building relationships with a horse who has had a good relationship with his previous owner. There are different challenges with this than with ‘backing’ and ‘progressing’ a horse yourself, or alternatively taking on a horse that has had a ‘troubled’ past. My absolute highlights have been the building of a relationship with him, and enjoying the fruits of this trust with our ridden time and jumping.

I also ride a horse named Rooney whom I have loved developing trust with. He was ridden as a youngster by someone who gave him reason to ‘mistrust’ people and to be ‘introverted’ or ‘shy’ regarding his own talents and abilities. It has been a privilege to earn his trust and see him grow in confidence. My absolute highlights with him have been him qualifying with confidence for the final day at the Blue-Chip Championships, competing at Hickstead and successfully completing his debut at Foxhunter level. Since this time, we have focused on dressage and am enjoying learning to ride medium/advanced medium dressage movements/tests.

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