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28.10.2021 Poems by Pam

The Chair

I put this chair by the window. I thought “That’s a good view to be had!”

But I don’t seem to get much to use it, which frankly I feel is quite sad.

The window is French and delightful, the view is a joy to behold,

Only I have to see it from standing, though it’s better from sitting I’m told.

The dogs laid claim to it quickly and my chair seems to never be ‘free’.

They sit there and look out for squirrels and there really is no room for me.

If not on the look out, they’re sleeping, bathed in sunshine and comfy on there.

But can I ever sit down and test it? Well, no, and it’s not really fair!

Adorable eyes look rejected when I dare to suggest they might more,

But tempting with biscuits into their beds, I might find my chances improve!

Excited they run off to get them and I launch myself at the chair!

But two seconds later, dumbfounded, my shoulders droop in despair.

Am I sitting enjoying my beautiful view as they munch away in their beds?

Err, no. I just find I’ve been sat on and the view is the back fo two heads!

By Pam Neill

© Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio, 2021

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October 28, 2021
Sue Palmer