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28.11.2021 Poems by Pam


(after two months of controlled exercise and not allowed out in the field!)

Oh Lord it’s hard not to be hungry when you’re fed only twice every day!

With meagre and mean little portions and simply not near enough hay.

Especially with these awful Haynes, I’d eat all I day if I could.

Oh Lord it’s hard to be hungry and if I tell them they just call me rude!

Oh Lord I hate being hungry. I dig up my bed and complain,

I bang on the walls for attention but they act like I’ve gone quite insane!

They shout my name so crossly and sigh when they look at my bed.

Oh Lord it’s hard to be hungry. It’s so long since I was last fed!

Oh Lord I am so bored now, I no longer get in the field.

It seems when I pulled my shoe off, my indoor fate was sealed.

If they refuse to listen, I’ll up my game and my poo!

And dig and band and pee more, and never give in ’til they do!

By Pam Neill

© Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio, 2021

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November 28, 2021
Sue Palmer