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28.1.2022 Poems by Pam

Groom’s Winter Blues

How many years have I not known the yearly winter trudge

Through mud to do the horses, sometimes liquid, sometimes fudge

It often starts in early fall and slows us grooms right down

With lots of extra brushing off and washing greys, now brown!

Why do they feel the need to roll in sloppy, liquid goo?

Then come inside and trash their beds, then have a pee, then poo?

While catching in, it sometimes comes to pass that, turning round

In gateways, poached by speeding hooves, a welly can be found

To get sucked off by clinging mud, which can prove to be testing.

To balance on one leg as hyper equines start protesting

That the wind is strong, the air is cold or something is so scary

And suddenly your stress expands your expletive vocabulary!

We dread the winter every year when the horses get uptight

But it’s worth it when the summer comes ‘cause it’s all forgotten. Right???

By Pam Neill

January 28, 2022
Sue Palmer