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What are your values?

Several years ago now, I was asked to imagine that I was living the life I’d like to be living in 20 years time. I couldn’t do it. My brain doesn’t seem to be able to imagine that far ahead. Perhaps I’m too much of a realist?

That seemingly simple task, which I still haven’t been able to achieve, set me on a path of reading books on self development, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, health, and much more. It’s a fascinating journey! I’d love to hear your recommendations.

One of the questions that’s so often asked is, what are your values? That’s another one I’ve never been able to get my head round. Then a couple of weeks ago, I was listening to a podcast, and it suddenly clicked into place!

My values are connection, curiosity, and commitment.

Even in just two short weeks, knowing and understanding these values has helped me.

For example, I asked a good friend for constructive criticism on a piece of work that I did. She responded quickly, with helpful advice, but then was concerned she might have offended me. I explained to her that I wasn’t in the least bit offended. She’d connected with me, she’d approached the task with curiosity, she’d fulfilled her commitment to me. What would have offended me would’ve been not doing those things.

Recognising my values has helped me to understand perhaps why some of the people I’m closest to are so special to me. I’m grateful to be supported by a network of family, friends, clients and professional colleagues who share my values of connection, curiosity and commitment.

I am hoping that, going forward, having an awareness of what’s most important to me will help me to make good choices in life and in business.

What do you value most in the people around you?

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