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28.9.2021 Poems from Pam

Goodbye Old Friend

Learning how to say goodbye is the hardest thing I know

For soon you will not be here and I’ll have to let you go.

The years we’ve spent together are so special in my heart,

Which now is close to breaking as too soon we’ll have to part.

I watch as age creeps up on you and takes so much away.

As hearing fades and then your sight reduces day by day.

Mostly you’re so cheerful and you make me feel so proud

But as I see you failing, I just want to cry out loud.

I do whatever possible to make sure you’re not in pain.

I’ll comfort you and be with you. My love will never wane.

I promise you won’t suffer. I would not do that to you.

But making that decision is an awful thing to do.

I watch you as you’re sleeping and your breathing starts to rake.

I pray you will sleep soundly and when morning comes, you’ll wake.

So we can spend another day together, you and me.

We do not need to do a lot. Just sit, just share, just be.

For every day is precious now, more valued than before.

Not sure how many more I’ve got with the one I so adore.

With your body on a slow decline, I have to watch you fade.

Your light which used to burn so bright moves sadly into shade.

I love you more than words can say, and hope I’ve shown you this.

So lucky to have known you – you’ve filled my life with bliss.

We’ve had so many brilliant times, walked miles and miles together.

Enjoyed the sun and loved the snow, survived some less good weather.

Thank you my amazing friend for all the times we’ve had.

We’ve shared so much and you were always there if I was sad,

Or feeling low, you’d pick me up, we’d cuddle for a while.

The photos and the memories will always make me smile

You are so very special and can never be replaced.

You’re in my heart forever but your parting must be faced.

Learning how to say goodbye is the hardest thing I know.

I can see that time has come now and I have to let you go.

Pam Neill, February 2011

© Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio, 2021

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September 28, 2021
Sue Palmer