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2.9.2021 Sharing the Science

I’m starting this ‘Sharing the Science’ series with a relatively simple study, and yet one that to me is very important. Very often, when I’m treating a horse, people will comment that the horse is having a massage. In my opinion, physiotherapy is much more than this. Massage is one of the many skills that we are trained in as physiotherapists. As the study below discusses, we focus on the assessment of the horse, and use clinical reasoning to determine the most appropriate treatment techniques. This might include onward referral if we feel that another professional should be involved in the care of the horse. As Physiotherapists, we use an evidence based approach where possible, pulling from the science in the human field as well as the animal field. I particularly enjoy learning from the science, and interpreting it to fit the needs of my clients.

Physiotherapy Assessment for the Equine Athlete

Lesley Goff. Vet Clin North Am Equine Pract. 2016 Apr.


“Physiotherapy assessment of the equine athlete is carried out by qualified physiotherapists, who use a functional approach to the assessment of the horse. Observation, clinical reasoning, good palpation skills and implementation of outcome measures are skills used by these professionals in their assessment of the horse. Equine physiotherapists attempt, where possible, to use an evidence-based approach to the assessment of the equine athlete.”

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