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29.3.2021 Radio Humphrey

A poem by Pam Neill

I start at seven every day, five if Jason’s been to stay

I broadcast to him what we need – you’re up now man, give us some feed!

He tends to go whatever I say. Can’t he just give us some hay?

It really is not much to ask. Come on now Jason do this task!

I’ve had enough of this overnight fasting, it must be about time to start broadcasting.

Behind the blind I can see a glow so it’s nearly time to start the show!

Radio Humphrey is ready and able to entertain right from this stable!

Another dawn of another day and again I find I have so much to say!

I hear the door, they’ll appear in a tick. I call out my joy, “Come on girls, quick!”

Radio Humphrey is up and running, “Hey there gang, our breakfast is coming!”

“Morning Charlotte, Morning Pam! Straight to the feed room now, no! Damn!

Don’t start talking. Now’s not the time. Get the buckets, the turquoise is mine!”

The only times I don’t kick up a storm is when I’m eating as I can’t perform.

Apologies, then, I’m unable to say what can keep you updated on events of the day.

But as soon as I’ve eaten I’ll return to the list and fill in the blanks you may have missed.

I’ll keep the yard well in the loop and make sure you’re the first to get any scoop.

If any of our needs are not being met, I’ll be sure to let you know and yet

I notice you can be quite slow which is a thing I must not let go!

I’d hate you to let your standards slip, you must buck up and get a grip!

I’ll keep you right with a frequent reminder. Your response to this though, I’d thought would be kinder!

Why do you keep on yelling my name? Some days I think you have both gone insane!

I know my help you highly rate, don’t worry, it will not abate.

I’ll broadcast daily loud and clear and always make sure you can hear

Wherever on the farm you are, you’re sure to hear me near or far.

I don’t switch off ‘til nearly ten, it’s dark and we’ve been well fed then.

When hay is gone, it’s time to sleep, restore the energy I keep

To help me stay in good, strong voice, I know it’s hard but I have no choice.

It’s a sacrifice I have to make. You rely on me for goodness sake!

So goodnight folks, that’s me away, another end of a tiring day.

I’m signing off for a few hours at least, until the sun will rise in the east.

Radio Humphrey with all of it’s zest is ready now for a well earned rest.

Don’t worry, there’s no need for sorrow, I will be back for sure tomorrow!

Pam Neill, January 2021

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