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To a Trickle Haynet

Oh evil instrument of equine teasing, morsels of food through micro holes squeezing.

Filling my belly is much impeded. Takes lots of effort and much time needed.

Your green nylon string so thick and strong. For a horse this is torture and just plain wrong.

Tempting strands visible but so hard to attain. So very much work for so little gain.

The grooms seem pleased but they are fickle. They call you vile new green things “trickle”,

Saying “That ought to slow this greedy lot down”. There must be an answer, it has to be found.

I’ll start by yanking the strands out by force. In time that will weaken your structure of course.

I’m mad at you for withholding my meal. The way I see it I have got a raw deal.

To set about making a hole is the plan. You’re not going to stop me, I’ve eaten my bran.

I’m not quite sure how and I’m not going to ask but I’m definitely feeling well up to the task.

I started off chewing, even and steady. For your strands to give, I am more than ready.

What are you made of? Have you got special powers? My teeth are aching and I’ve been stood here for hours!

Once in a while, I groan in despair, and with my nose, toss you in the air.

What does it take for your structure to GIVE? It’s making my life so much harder to live!

I dream of loose hay mountains eaten so fast. My life of gluttony seems to be in the past.

Ok, so I colicked and felt a bit sore, but this diet restriction thing is such a bore!

Please tell me this is not how it’s going to be. Would they swop you for my old net? Perhaps for a fee?

Are you and I continually to fight or will they give in and see that I am right?

I’d like to see them if the tables were turned and their stomachs with hunger constantly churned.

Denied food else when I or Freddy decided. We would be yelled at and often derided.

For now you and I Trickle will have to agree to appear to consent, at least to a degree.

To muddle along and seem pleased with our lot, whilst I continue to scheme my hole busting plot.

This is my story, my life is quite shitty but if you have listened and on me take pity

Please do come to visit and bring me some food. Just our little secret! Won’t that be good!

For Frank Birke, by Pam Neill

© Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio, 2021

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