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3.10.2022 Demo at Daneswood

What a wonderful day 🙂 I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many lovely people. On 2nd October 2022, Leonie and I did a demonstration at Daneswood Dressage.

First up was the beautiful Nina, a 5yr old whom Leonie has ‘stolen’ because she’s fallen in love (and thankfully because her owners are delighted that Leonie would like the ride!). Leonie discussed and demonstrated some groundwork exercises, and I talked about how a difficult foaling or an accident (often unseen) as a foal can lead to problems before a horse is even backed.

After Amy warmed Nelson up in hand, Leonie performed her usual magic and showed how she takes him from loosening up, to the more advanced moves. That pony impresses me more every time I watch him. Whilst Nelson was showing off, I treated Nina at the side of the arena, and Leonie and I both took the opportunity to answer questions.

Next up was Rabbit, thanks to Sam for allowing me to work with him. I demonstrated how I would palpate (feel through the muscles), and I showed my assessment of limb and spinal range of movement. Rabbit was a bit surprised when I asked the audience to come and look up close at the muscle spasm I found in his back, and at how quickly I could help it to ease.

Finally, Leonie rode the stunning stallion Islero, brought along for the occasion by his owner Julie. She showed off his one-time changes at the urging of the audience, and we could all see how much he enjoyed the applause he received!

Thank you so much to all the team, including Sion for providing the photos, and to Charlotte and Claire for organising cake and coffee.

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October 3, 2022
Sue Palmer