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3.12.2021 Jan and Rebel: Chapter 11

A Guest Blog by Jan Daley

While harness and tack was difficult to source, I was finding it impossible to get my hands on a cart small enough, but robust enough to maximise safety. After a year of searching online and phoning strange men, I was becoming concerned that I was going to have to spent upwards of £2000 for a custom built vehicle that my pony may write off during his first encounter. And my risk-averse self was counting potential vet bills and third party damage.

Our neighbour appeared on my doorstep out of the blue, saying ”I think I’ve found you a cart! Come with me!” And there, not a mile from home as the crow flies, was a cart! I took it home, The Husband agreed he could perform engineering miracles, and we had ourselves a vehicle. 8 drill bits, and a lot of bad words later!

The great day came. Putting to. Our farmer neighbour invited us to use his enormous field, and with my infinite lack of knowledge and facilities, I decided this was as good as it gets. I walked the pony 2 miles, and The Longsuffering Husband put himself to the cart.

Knowing my breathing limitations, the 2 men led the pony round the field. He didn’t like the rattling, or the jolting over ruts; but he coped well, and home we went.

For the next couple of months, I put to, and walked beside the pony. I had no groom, but thankfully and in spite of my ignorance, we survived without issues. My first actual drive happened almost by accident: we set off as usual, and I got into breathing difficulties. My choice was to ring The Husband for rescue, or step on board and see how it went. With some trepidation I bit the bullet. Our first drive was a 2 mile anticlimax. Rebel was officially a driving pony!

Rule 11: improvise, adapt and overcome!

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