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Equestrian Business Awards – entries close tomorrow!

Do you have a mentor in the equestrian world? Is there someone you look up to, who has supported you on your journey with your horse?

I’ve been so lucky. Or do you believe that you make your own luck? I’ve been supported by such wonderful people as Monty Roberts, Kelly Marks, Mary Wanless, Amanda Sutton, and Sue Norton. I was overwhelmed at how many experts, highly respected in their fields, agreed to write for ‘Understanding Horse Performance: Brain, Pain or Training.’

The icing on the cake was Olympian Richard Davison agreeing to write the foreword for it, and writing such genuine, enthusiastic words. Richard wrote “I would like to congratulate Sue on tackling this subject and providing a simple guide, which I hope will help to make the journey of training even more enjoyable for both horses and humans.”

Underlining the importance of the team around your horse, the foreword included:

“I have learned that, while being handled, ridden or driven, their behaviour is entirely our responsibility, and is a reflection of the strengths or weaknesses of our horsemanship skills and knowledge. In order to ride and train horses humanely and effectively we need to understand why horses behave and react as they do, including why, at times, they demonstrate undesired behaviour, movements and reactions. Acquiring this understanding involves, among other things, studying how the horse’s natural flight instinct manifests itself, discovering how their learning processes differ from those of humans, and how they function both physiologically and biomechanically.”

Who is on your horse’s team? Are they good enough that you would consider nominating them for an award? The Equestrian Business Awards are open for nominations until 1st April 2021. All you need to know is the person’s name, location, and why you think they deserve an award.

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