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3.2.2022: Jan and Rebel

A Guest Blog By Jan Daley

2019 started well. By March, Rebel – now nearly 9yo – was getting trim and fit. I’d given him a really dreadful bib clip, as although the weather was improving and he was sweating up, it was still very changeable. I was finding the exercise cart heavy for me to manhandle, and, as you do, was thinking about upgrading to something lighter, and easier to transport.

We had finally invested in our own little pony trailer, which was great for farrier or vet visits, but very heavy indeed, and we needed transport for the cart if I wanted to drive the pony elsewhere. I really wanted to get off-road for a number of reasons: traffic, new scenery, different terrain …

I eventually bit the bullet, and after about 12 months research and lots of chat back and forward, bought a HyperBike, built in USA. Exactly what I was looking for: single seat; super-lightweight; super-strong; wheels pop off; shafts pop off; the whole thing can fit in the front seat of a car; specifically designed for driving miniature horses and ponies on trails or the beach.

Have I ever mentioned that I have not been born under a lucky star? Or that I must have been a truly evil person in a previous life? And that as a horse owner I basically know which end to offer hay?

Rebel had an episode of mild impaction colic. Resulting in gastric ulcers. But I didn’t realise this.

Rule 15: All that glisters is not gold …

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February 3, 2022
Sue Palmer