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3.9.2022: Jan and Rebel

A Guest Blog By Jan Daley

August 2021, and we had a busy few weeks, albeit without much driving. The weather went from excessively hot to rainy and humid, which was even more debilitating for me, breathing-wise.

However, review appointments with the Transplant Man and my local Lung Man led us all to agree that although my lung function has not, and will not, improve, it remained stable at 20%. My quality of life was good, and I was still able to do things I enjoyed as long as I paced myself. I stayed remarkably healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic – isolation, hygiene, social distancing, and plenty of fresh air worked for me. My immunosuppressant was increased, and I was cautiously optimistic that my severe oral lichen planus was less painful than it had been for several years. Fingers et al. x’d!

Transplant was, therefore, put on the back burner until things deteriorate to the point that quality of life becomes an issue.

With all that thankfully parked for now, I turned my attention and focus back to Rebel and driving.

We achieved 2 sneaky forest drives in a local forest! Our driving friend Megan suggested meeting us early when not too many folk would be around, and with Joe lifting our carts over the barrier for our first foray, and then Megan rode her other horse on our second jaunt, we had great fun. Rebel and I even had a couple of little canters!

My next excitement was undergoing – and passing! — assessments for RDACD Grades 1&2 Carriage Driving and Horse Care.

Rule 26: denial, diversion and distraction works!

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September 3, 2022
Sue Palmer