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4.10.2022 Jan and Rebel (28)

A Guest Blog By Jan Daley

Whilst the world has raged at covid restrictions, Brexit, the related Northern Ireland protocol (which, to my limited understanding, increases beyond reasonable the paperwork for, and restricts movement of, goods, people, animals, and everything else between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and NI and the rest of the UK – of which we are part! – creating mayhem and shortages of certain products), I have carried on rejoicing, in my selfish, self-centred, utterly self-absorbed, little bubble of splendid isolation.

Limiting social contact has worked well for my health, and has allowed me to increase driving mileage. My driving whip is the ideal tool for enforcing social distancing.

As soon as my 2020-2021 Drive500 challenge was completed on 10 June, I started another one for 2021-2022! It’s an excellent motivator, I find!

We did another drive to the beach (lunch again with Grainne!), and had our first proper beach canters in harness. Another achievement!

Being used to only road driving, Rebel didn’t quite understand circles and figure-8s, but with plenty of space on the beach we were able to start getting our heads around the idea.

Indeed during our road drives after that beach drive, I started using road junctions – where safe to do so! – as little schooling areas to turn and bend, walking and trotting. I noticed that the unexpected changes in speed and direction really upped Rebel’s game, and he started really striding out and enjoying his work again.

It only then dawned on me: how boring to spend your working life walking and trotting along roads when – at 9hh – all you see at eye level is road or grassy verges that you aren’t allowed to snack on! Small wonder the poor lad was bored!

Rule 28 – A change is as good as a rest!

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October 4, 2022
Sue Palmer