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Introducing Hilary and Max

A Guest Blog by Hilary Moses

My name is Hilary and I own the most wonderful horse. His name is Friday Feeling, aka Max. He is a 16.1 IDxTB sport horse and I’ve owned him since he was 5. He’s now 13.

My criteria for buying him was to find a horse with a good temperament and lovely paces as I wanted an all rounder. Max fits the bill perfectly. Since I’ve owned him we’ve evented, competed in combined training, done Trec and agility, hacked, and been to British Riding Club championships in show jumping and dressage to music. We’ve done working equitation, holidays away and travelled all over the country. My first love is dressage and dressage to music, which we’ve done a lot of. We worked our way up to elementary level from nothing, Max was very green when I bought him.

On the ground Max was initially quite bolshy and bargy. When I got him home and put him in his stable he got very wound up because he could see the other horses in the field. My plan was to introduce them gradually. Max had other ideas and proceeded to smash through the stable door, breaking the frame, and cantering off to join his new friends. He wouldn’t stand still to be mounted either, so we had a session with a very well qualified behaviourist and never looked back.

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