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6.12.2021 Fit For Welfare

Fit For Welfare: An International Conference from The Society Of Master Saddlers

On 6th November 2021, I was delighted to be part of the innovative virtual event, ‘Fit For Welfare’, hosted by the Society of Master Saddlers (SMS). Today I’m sharing with you some of my learning from the day.

In a twist that I haven’t seen at other online conferences, the day began with an address from HRH The Princess Royal. To me, this was a reminder of just how important tack is in terms of the welfare of the horse.

Talitha Corbett, The Hartpury Team

Competition day nutrition

Talitha Corbett talked about competition day nutrition. Probably my favourite phrase from her presentation was when she said that she is ‘anti-diet’. Sounds absolutely perfect for me! She explained that this means she won’t say that you ‘can’t’ eat anything, including your favourite food, but that she might give you advice on when would be best to eat it, for example. One of the key points Talitha put across was around preparation, for example preparing your food to take with you. Again something that rang true for me was her recommendation to find out where the loos are, so that you aren’t worried about staying well hydrated!

Take home message: Preparation is key!

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