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7.3.2021 The Equestrian Business Awards

Who supports you and your horse to be the best you can? Is there someone who makes a difference? Who helps you get better scores, or helps your horse stay sound, or makes sure you work well together? How about recognising these people through nominating them for an award?

The information on the website says:

“With approximately 1 million horses in the UK, the equestrian industry contributes nearly £8 billion to the economy. The UK is world renowned for its expertise in relation to horse care and rich heritage of being a horse loving nation. With this in mind, we strive to give much deserved recognition to small equestrian businesses as these are the heroes who are on hand to make sure we can give our equines the very best. We want to raise their profile and award them for all the hard work, achievements and support they provide with every aspect of horse ownership and horse riding.

We are all dealing with tricky times, particularly in light of Covid 19, and horse welfare is at the forefront of our minds. More than ever we need to help small businesses around us in order for them to continue to thrive. What better way to show your appreciation to your vet, farrier, equine dentist, instructor, riding school, groom and any other equestrian professional who has helped you, than by nominating them for an Equestrian Business Award. If you are a business, it will raise the profile and credibility of your business in your field and gives you the recognition you deserve.”

It’s easy to nominate someone through the website. You just need their name, location, and why you think they deserve to win.

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