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7.9.2021 Being Committed

“Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.” Marica Wieder

It’s all too easy to be half-hearted. Or to skirt around the subject. When someone asks a question, we might not have the energy, or the desire, to answer. Perhaps they have to ask again, or to ask in a different way. Maybe we just flatly say no.

What if our horses don’t answer our questions? What if they are half-hearted in their response to us, or they do their best to avoid doing what was asked of them? Can we ask in a different way? Should we just ask again? And what can we do if they flatly refuse?

I think that the skill of listening is hugely underutilised in this world. As a rule, we could be better at listening to each other, and we could be better at listening to our horses. I wonder whether, if we listened more closely, we might be able to ask the right questions more often. I think that we can continually improve how we ask, and perhaps be more mindful of what we ask.

Today, I am committed to listening more closely. I am committed to respectfully hearing what is said, and to calmly responding to the underlying needs where I can. Will you join me in my efforts?

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