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17.12.2022 Vote for World Horse Welfare

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This blog is taken from an email received from World Horse Welfare. I’m sharing it because I think they do incredible work. Most recently, their publication of the ‘Myth Busting’ series is just fantastic, and I’m looking forward to sharing more about with you over time. Find it at, under ‘Advice’, then ‘Ridden issues: troubleshooting unwanted behaviours’. Plus since I finally gave in and upgraded both my data allowance on my phone, and my YouTube subscription, I’ve been enjoying their educational ‘Wednesday Webinars’. This message is asking for votes to help them win a charity grant.

This is the message from World Horse Welfare:

“You may remember that, thanks to wonderful supporters like you, we won £12,000 in this year’s SEIB Giving Charity Award, which was brilliant news – but now we need your help again! Could you spare a minute to nominate us for SEIB’s 2023 Charity Award?

Voting is open until 5pm on Monday 16th January and you can nominate us here. It’s really easy to do – you just need to put in our name and select us in the list, then provide a few details about yourself (so SEIB can be sure each vote is unique) and tell them, as briefly as you like, why you think we should win.

We would be so grateful for your support if you can spare a few moments to nominate us (and perhaps even ask your friends to do so too!). With an anticipated surge in welfare cases this winter, £15,000 would be such a help in paying for the vital vet care that many of horses and ponies urgently need when they first arrive at one of our centres.”

You can vote until 16th January 2023, at

Best of luck to World Horse Welfare, and thank you for all the good work you do.

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