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What is a stretch?

What is a stretch?

The word “stretch” can function as both a verb and a noun. As a verb, it refers to something soft or elastic that is capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking. For example, “my sweater stretched in the wash.” It can also mean straightening or extending one’s body or a part of one’s body to its full length, typically to tighten one’s muscles or reach something. For instance, “the cat yawned and stretched.” As a noun, it can refer to an act of stretching one’s limbs or body, such as “I got up and had a stretch,” or a continuous area or expanse of land or water, like “a treacherous stretch of road.”

There are two primary categories of stretch: static stretches and dynamic stretches. Static stretches involve holding a particular position for a period of time, while dynamic stretches involve movement. The debate continues among exercise enthusiasts about whether we should stretch at all and, if so, whether we should use static stretches, dynamic stretches, or a combination of both. It is my belief that stretching is beneficial. Doing stretches with your horse will not cost you anything, and yet both you and your horse will reap the rewards. 

This program focuses on static stretches that aim to release tension in the fascia. I understand that this can be a controversial topic in the therapy world, but as an ACPAT and RAMP registered Chartered Physiotherapist, I am passionate about fascia and have seen firsthand the benefits of fascial release for horses. As we go through this course, I will do my best to explain why I’m so keen for you to incorporate this routine with your horse on a regular basis.

Help me to help 100 horses

Do you live in an area where it’s challenging to get access to physio for your horse? Does the cost of physio mean that you can’t have your horse treated as often as you’d like? Would you like to be able to do more for your horse?

Do you know someone who any of the above applies to? Please help me reach these people and their horses by sharing this blog. I’d love to help 100 horses this month; perhaps it’s your horse I can help? If not your horse, wouldn’t it feel wonderful knowing that you have made a difference by passing on the information someone needs to support their horse?

I’m on a mission to help those who can’t get the horse physio assessment and treatment they would like to offer their horse. I’ve carefully and lovingly created an online course, “Stretching Your Horse: A Guide to Keeping Your Equine Friend Happy and Healthy”. There are ten stretching exercises (video included) and lots of information about how, where, when, why and what to stretch.

Course Overview

Discover the transformative power of stretching for your horse with our comprehensive course, giving easy to follow instructions on various stretches designed to enhance your horse’s comfort, movement, and overall performance. By the end of the course, you will not only understand the importance of stretching but also gain practical knowledge about its implementation.

A regular stretching routine can offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Improve Comfort: Alleviate tension and discomfort in your horse’s muscles.
  • Increase Range of Movement: Enhance flexibility for smoother and more efficient movement.
  • Reduce the Risk of Injury: Minimise the likelihood of injuries through improved muscle condition.
  • Relax Your Horse: Promote relaxation and reduce stress-related behaviours.
  • Improve Performance: Experience higher scores in dressage or more clear rounds in various disciplines.

Just as a short yoga session can leave you feeling more relaxed, a 15-minute stretching session can do wonders for your horse’s comfort and well-being.

Meet Sue Palmer – The Horse Physio

Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio, is a distinguished figure in the equestrian world. As an award-winning author, ACPAT, and RAMP registered Chartered Physiotherapist and Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer, Sue brings a wealth of knowledge to this course. With qualifications from prestigious institutions and extensive experience treating horses, Sue is dedicated to promoting ethical and harmonious horsemanship.


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Enrol on “Stretching Your Horse: A Guide to Keeping Your Equine Friend Happy and Healthy” and take the next step on the wellness journey with your horse.